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Entura Art I and II Workshops

Entura Art Workshops


What Entura Art Is

Entura Art is a spiritual technique of creating art through color and motion by entering the energy field of a person or concept and then transferring the energy onto paper using pastel chalks as the medium. This art is revolutionary in that it allows the artist to relax into a channel/meditative state to communicate with Spirit and obtain in-depth information by entering the client or subject's aura/energy field.

Using Pastel Chalks is the ideal medium as the chalks provide super colorful pigmentation and flows nicely and easily against paper. Entura Art is color and motion combined; and using chalks assist Spirit in revealing images that you otherwise would have to know artistic techniques. Pastels are also wonderful for layering colors, which further aids in channeled creations.

The student does not need to know about art or artistic techniques in order to do Entura Art. In fact, the less you know about art and its techniques the better. Entura does not utilize thinking because the techniques and imagery is 100% channeled information in which you are the recipient. Through the utilization of Entura Art techniques, the mystical artist within awakens, and upon entering deeply within the self, the soul and spirit genius of the person guides the artist´s hand with the focus and direction of his/her inner sight, inner hearing, intuition, and sensitivity.

What to expect from this course experience:

Entura I:  Building the foundation of creating this beautiful and spirit guided art.

Entura II:  Further awaken your Creative Spirit, Spiritual therapy, Inspirational writing, and Healing the Heart with Entura Art

  • Further develop your Intuitive gifts and sensitivity to Spirit
  • Deepen and facilitate your relationship to Spirit
  • Meditation and Writing
  • Art and symbol interpretations
  • Pastel chalk techniques that aid in your Art development


Class size range 6 Person minimum - 12 Maximum

Entura Art I  & II Workshop Price: $350.00 Per person


This course length varies for more information about course length and dates please message me through the contact form.

Entura Art Soul Portraits

Entura Art is channeled art; the word Entura and means "entering into the aura," this medium of art is truly inspired, created and channel from Spirit. Soul portraits are based completely on the individuals energy and conveys images that allow you to meet divine being that are guiding you, insight into a past life that is currently still affecting you and guidance and direction. Additionally, Entura Art helps enhance your abilities opening up the portals for easier communication with Spirit, the Cosmic Realm, and all higher light beings.


Large Soul Portrait: $125.00 (18" x 12")add to basket

Small Soul Portrait: $85.00 (12" x 9")add to basket

Spiritual Counseling

Changing your life begins with the simple act of making the choice to harness a spiritual life by empowering yourself with confidence, positive attributes, and pure enlightenment of who you are. Spiritual integration allows you to get to the very foundation of your issues and begins to heal them from the root cause.

  • Uncover the role that your "Elemental Body" (ego, thoughts, and emotions) plays in your life and how it affects you.
  • You will begin to replace the self imposed limitations by unfolding self-realizations and understanding those things that are prohibiting you from making the right decisions in your life.
  • Self awareness begins by understanding yourself on a subconscious level and through spiritual enlightenment it can be accomplished. This means taking the time to not only define and integrate our qualities and beliefs but by filtering in well balanced affirmative thought processes and finding the alignment between the physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Learn to better shield yourself from day-to-day obstructions - those things that challenge you most and leave you feeling depleted of energy and completely unbalanced. You will able to take charge of your actions and reactions and truly make a difference between having a good day or allowing other aspects to dictate how your day will play out.
  • You will learn to refine or define your purpose and your place in this vast universe. You will begin to feel that connection to source, embark on your journey to enlightenment and assimilate that you do in fact belong to something greater; Spirit on Mother Earth.
  • The ultimate goal is spiritual wellness; the ability to move through your life in a harmonious and peaceful way while enhancing your quest for living an abundant life.

Price: $80.00 per Hour  (2 hour limit per session)add to basket

Akashic Angel Reading

Angel of GlowThe Akashic Angel reading helps you to discover your connection to the Angelic Realm.  Angels are divine messengers that lovingly guide our prayers to the Creator and bring forth sacred messages back to us from the heavenly realm. Our Angels inspire us through intuition, feeling, and thoughts and have specific areas of specialization such as: healing, peace, love, creativity, arts etc.

In the Akashic Angel Reading, these magnificent beings of light bring forth information that stems directly from a past life or lives and openly connects that information on how it currently impacts your current life's circumstances.


The Akashic Angel Reading is not a Question/Answer type reading, the Akasha Sensitive Reader directly channels the information that will enable you to meet your:

  • Anchoring Archangel(s)
  • Assisting Angel(s)
  • Guardian Angel
  • Assisting Masters
  • Spiritual Guides

Price: $85.00 per Hour  add to basket

This reading is also available through Skype with or without video.



Intuitive Tarot Readings


Intuitive Tarot readings are wonderful in that they offer insight into the causes of situations by exploring past, present, and possible future outcomes. All my readings are assisted through the divine guidance of spiritual guides. The messages Spirit delivers are empowering and can express a clearer explanation on how to improve your current situation. They will help you learn what your best possible choices are and how you can turn challenges into opportunities for growth, happiness, better health, and success. Intuitive Tarot readings are not predictors of the future; rather they are contributions in guidance and direction.

• Consultations also availble through Skype with or without video. Please email me your request as these readings involve time constraints.

  • 1.5 Hour Reading:Price: $85.00 add to basket

Payments for this service must be received prior to reading.



Channeled Readings

This is sacred opening of the pathway for guidance and direction with the assistance of spiritual guides, archangels, and loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world. Being a channel medium has given me the beautiful gift of being able to intuitively see, feel, and hear the divine exchanges of energy and manifestation between you and the spirit world exactly as it is conveyed. Communing with spirit is an expression of unconditional love and messages that transpires into deep inspiration and wisdom; it is a time to heal, to forgive, to laugh, and to cry. It leaves you feeling the true connection of being at "One with Spirit". Your participation with Spirit only requires you to be present with an open and loving heart that is willing to receive.

• Consultations also availble through Skype with or without video. Please email me your request as these readings involve time constraints.

  • 1.5 Hour Reading: Price: $85.00add to basket

*Payments for these services must be received prior to reading.

Private Group Sessions available with a 3 person minimum

  • Price: $100.00 Baseadd to basket

  • Each additional person. Price: $35.00add to basket

*Times vary depending on the needs of the person to 20-30 Minute sessions.


Spiritual Cleansings

The cleansing and releasing of stagnant energetic vibrations, frequencies and/or spiritual attachments that alter and affect your quality of life that cause dis-ease in your surroundings. Each cleansing involves a prior consultation to assess the problematic areas that need targeting. Your consultation will also include spiritual tools that will enable you to continue servicing your home and/or self.

  • Person Auric Field:Price: $60.00add to basket

  • Homes in Broward County

    • One Story - Price: $100.00add to basket
    • Multi level - Price: $150.00add to basket
  • Homes in North Dade County

    • One Story - Price: $110.00add to basket
    • Multi level - Price: $160.00add to basket
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