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Guardian of Offerings

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Jan, Stuart, FL

I had the honor of having Tricia perform a sound and color healing. She has an incredible energy and presence. Embracing and comforting with a firm and gentle way of guiding the transition for the benefit of me. It was all about me and my desire to achieve wellness. For various reasons, the healing took a turn and Tricia easily an patiently guided me through some of the most difficult blockages of my life.
She has an amazing gift and ability to heal on a deep level. And whether experiencing a sound and color healing, or a Tarot card reading, (which was awesome) or any of her spiritual practices to help you along your path, she is a must for any spiritual seeker of any level. In my humble being, I honor her and all she gives and brings to this world. I strongly suggest to experience her in any form.

Roberta, Miami, FL

Nothing happens by chance. When a very dear friend of mine mentioned that he had gone to the best reading of his life (and he has done quite a few) I immediately stopped thinking about my grocery list I opened my ears to listen. I too was no begginer to consulting spiritual guide. When I walked into Tricia's home I immediately felt the powerful energy that she carries inside her which resonates into her readings. We were able to connect at a very deep level very quickly as the reading began. I went to her that day hoping to hear certain things in a format that i expected but just like it has been with my life I received what I needed and not necessarily what I "desired". My experience was one of true self awareness, she dove into aspects of myself that I was too scared to admit or realize. Spirits don't lie and Tricia doesn't sugar coat! I am very thankful I was able to come across someone that is blessed with such a powerful gift and that also has such positive intentions towards the people she sees. I plan to go back for other spiritual services and recommend her highly. Thanks Tricia for giving me the push I needed to begin this process of finding out who I truly am!

Valter, Hollywood, FL

I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years, but the pains have not come back ever since Tricia performed a Color and Sound Healing on me about a month ago. During the procedure I felt my troubled body areas being touched and healed by spiritual doctors while I had my eyes closed. It was truly an amazing experience.

Katie, Dubai, U.A.E

Compassion, Wisdom and Magnanimity are just few words I can utilise to exemplify Tricia. Each Experience I have had with her has just been more profound than the one before. After the first channelling session I had with Tricia, I walked out of the room with so much more understanding, comprehension and strength. She truly held the torch of illumination and lit up the pathway of my life with clarity and fortitude.

Fortunately enough, I also had a prodigious transformational energy healing session with her... During the session she called upon powerful healers from other planes including ascended masters and advanced spirit doctors for psychic surgery. She was indeed a clear channel of gods light, healing and love.

And most trivial of all facts - her heart is always filled unconditional love.

Liliana, Hollywood, FL

I have been lucky for knowing Tricia for so many years. I have seen her dedication and discipline to approach her passion and I am glad for her to see her Mystical corner alive. She really knows what she is doing. I had the opportunity to have different sessions with her with no disappointments at all. Good luck Tricia.

Luis, Fort Lauderdale

Mystical Corner is a blessing and an inspiration for every entity with spiritual means.

It was a much needed space on the internet to help all people from our struggling planet and to synchronize as one in search of universal peace.

However, the thing Tricia does the best is to help you find that peace within your heart.

Love you for eternity Tricia!

Ellen, Blue Hill, Maine

Tricia did a healing on my shoulder while I was visiting in Florida. I had limited faith that it would help, but was open minded . I found the experience to be very relaxing. It has been a week and I am amazed that it did more than the 10 weeks of physical Therapy and months of exercise. I am truly thankful and a believer.

Chris, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I have had the pleasure of knowing Tricia for 5 years. She has taught me so many amazing things to help me focus myself, my energies and beliefs, She has performed numerous smugings on myself and home, helping to release the bad energies that were attached, it has been AMAZING transformation! I cant stress enough her amazing connection to the universe and her ability to help in so many ways.

Eric W, Hollywood, FL

Times have been tough and seem to be getting tougher. Tricia has helped me find focus and strength in a society that wants to sow confusion and disharmony. Her healings and meditations have helped me find universal strength and awareness and to open up to the larger spiritual truths.

Sharon - Merging Spirit, Florida

Well, the time has finally come for me write a well deserved testimony for my Sis-Star who has been put in my life to make me better as an individual and a human being. I first met Tricia some 5 or 6 years ago while I was working at a spiritual center in Hollywood Fl. As the old saying goes, it was love at first sight. The universe lined me up with a caring, loving, angelic, no nonsense and tell it like it is kind of girl. Hmmm, just like me, WE ARE MANY WE ARE ONE!


Jan Shannon - Stuart, Florida

On the suggesion of a friend, I went to the Mystical Corner website. Little did I know then, that I was about to embark on a personal healing journey. Tricia is wonderful in her ability to connect and provide a safe, loving environment, in which I could explore and grow. There is a saying" when the student is ready, the teacher appears." Tricia came into my life exactly at the point I needed her skills and knowledge, to assit me in achieving my own personal goals. She is kind and compassionate and has so much love to offer. I would strongly recommend experiencing her gifts and healing nature. I love you Tricia! In oneness, love and light!

Jackie Sanabria - Miramar, Fl

Tricia is an amazing human being, a teacher, a healer. I have never felt the sensations, scents, and my energy shift from side to side but with the experience and knowledge of Tricia. I thank you for God placing you in my life, for being part of my ongoing journey of natural alignment. I thank you for your blessings, for your prayers, for the intention. I thank you....

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