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Daily Journal Questions and Affirmations


Journal Question:  Do I have the ability to express kindness to all those I encounter?  What can I learn from Spirit by honoring acts of kindness??

Purple and Orange Sunset over Hollywood Florida

Today let us choose to practice kindness. As we encounter others, shed happiness in your greetings them.  Think of them as traveling companions on life’s journey. Offer a warm smile or a few words of appreciation to a friend or a stranger. Acts of kindness bring positive energy to both giver and receiver, then ripple out to others as a blessing.


Navigating your life - Spirit within lovingly navigates my way.

Journal Question:  Where in my life do I need the most guidance? How can I navigate in that direction.

It would be consoling if our GPS' could direct us in making life choices, step by step instruction of how to best live our lives, and the easiest way to arrive at our spiritual destinations in a clear audible voice.


Honoring the Vernal Equinox - Springtime

Journal Questions: Because Spring is the portal to new beginnings, what releasing or cleansing work do I need to complete? What are some of the new goals that I would like to accomplish in the next 3 months?

"Out with the old, in with the new," the Vernal Equinox is a sign of new beginnings, we have successfully completed one cycle and are ready to proceed into the next. It is a time to grow and fertilize creation. Springtime reminds us that new life is sprouting everywhere, Mother Earth takes this time to adorn herself in Life, and we should honor her by taking notice of the beauty she has so graciously bestowed upon us.


Change: Moving through change with ease.

Journal Question:  How can I best resolve myself into believing that change is not a struggle?

Change seen as a new beginning is often more welcoming than viewing it as a struggle or burden.  Many feel that change is an ending thereby signaling us to resist it.  Yet every change holds both a beginning and an end.  Our perspective and attitude determine which aspect we focus on.

Inner Peace – A calm soul

Journal Questions: As I progress and expand myself, I have made peace with so many aspects of my being. But I need to ask - have I found true soul peace?

Heart center with energy flowing through the body

“Oh my Soul, how I desire and need to know you.”  Feel this and allow it to saturate you completely.  Know this and stand in the presence of your I AM as one being.  Trust this and peace and you will have a calm soul. Sense this and you will know completely the serenity that has always been a part of your authentic self. Listen to the calming energy that is your soul and spread this celestial force throughout your entire physical body. Feel it permeating and pulsating as it restores the peace that has always been. It is a gentle flow that engulfs us if we give it acquiescence.


Reaching out -The power of meditation and prayer.

Journal Question: When meditating and praying am I only praying for myself? How can I best express and direct my prayers and meditations to include others; especially those with great challenge and difficulty?

When we meditate and pray, we usually visualize prosperity, healing, wisdom, insight, peace, and well being for ourselves and loved ones. Gifting your well wishes and holding these needs for others is as important for them as it is for yourself. The most beautiful thing about being YOU is that you have the ability to shift anything, and within that power and presence you have the opportunity to envision others making headway as they meet their difficulties. As we think of someone experiencing a challenge, open your heart in compassion while also knowing this person has everything they need spiritually and physically. Know that your divine love and support is reaching the very energy it needs to tackle.


Affirmation - Affirm

Journal Question: How am I using my God-given power to create the life I know I deserve, need, and desire?

Each of us has the ability to create. We use this power consciously or unconsciously, every day. In thought, word and attitude, we are constantly affirming - speaking into being - outcomes. It is up to us to choose whether we affirm Truth and Abundance, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Health - or their lack.


Irresistible: I exude love of life.

Journal questions: How is your love for life compelling you? How do you choose to share that love with others?


Intention: Discern what is yours to do, and live with purpose.

Journal Question: Do I know what my purpose(s) is? How can I best utilize my time to construct a solid pathway towards my purpose?

Meditation and prayer gives us the ability to live with intention. In quiet receptivity, we enter into communion with the presence of God. This time apart allows us to discern and consciously choose our priorities. We are guided on how to best use our time, consciousness, awareness, and energy. We are led to express our talents in constructive and fulfilling ways.


Forgiveness is a circle -Based on Edgar Cayce Readings:

Journal questions:  Remember a time in your life when you were forgiven. How have you kept the circle of forgiveness intact?  Whom have you forgiven for a similar act held against you?  Did you break the circle of forgiveness? If so, Why? What were your justifications?

Short story told by Jesus:


Seeing is Believing

Journal Question:  How may I see beyond the physical features and behaviors of a person that I do not perceive as being real?

Think of someone you have a particular issue with. This person has the ability to stir within you reactions that most often disturb, annoy, or makes you feel uncomfortable.  Dissect your thoughts and feelings and see what answers surface.  Does that person bother you because of the way they look, or is it the way they act, is the personality disturbing? What is it exactly that makes you feel so uncomfortable?  While meditating and processing this, do not allow your ego to interfere with what you believe to be real. Come from a place within your heart - be honest and do not censor.


Trustworthy - Speak the truth and give your best!

Journal Question:  What are the root causes of myself that are keeping me from the truth?

Our world is a network of interdependence. We rely on others to do their part just as others rely on us to do ours. Don't you feel amazing about yourself when you are able to speak the truth and give your best effort? 


Loving Heart - Happy Valentine's Day Beloveds!

"I open my heart for a fresh infusion of God's healing love."

Journal Question: Attracting love is not so difficult. Attracting pure and real love might be the real challenge.  How can I open my divine center - My Heart - to the pureness of real love both romantically and in other relationships?


Divine Will and Divine Freedom

Journal Question: How can my divine intuition lead me to more divine freedom?

By harnessing your power of divine will you are enabling yourself the freedom make the right choices in your life. You may be asking, “do I have the power of divine will?" You enact your free will every day on this physical plane, so trust that your divine will is equally if not more prevalent in your etheric plane. We have come to understand that we are Spirit experiencing a human life form. That being the case, it would stand to reason that of course we have the ability to exert divine will.


Mystical Corner’s Vision into You - Journal Club

I invite you all to join me in starting a Journal Club. Mystical Corner’s Vision into You!

Journaling is so important to the transformation of your life. It enables you to see your life from an external view. Within the pages of your journal you are free to express your profound nature. Explore your Spirit and help yourself to see what it is about YOU that makes YOU.

What you need to do:


Fresh Start: Beginning anew in this new day.

Journal Question: How can I stretch my spiritual muscles so that my christ consciousness is the unlimited source of wisdom in my day to day life?

Let's face it, sometimes life can be really challenging and most often it comes out of nowhere and is in reality unwelcomed and only because it catches you off guard. There is a way we can meet each day; expect that everything will go smoothly even when challenges arise. This is a great opportunity for us to learn and grow and to stretch and flex those amazing spiritual muscles!


Time Enough: We are in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time.

Journal Question:  How can I view time as useful instead of not enough of?

We are faced with many demands upon our time. If we were to allow anxiety overwhelm us, we would not function at our highest and best.  Choose instead to turn within when you feel anxious - to breathe, relax and open your mind to divine ideas - such as those towards making your dreams and goals a realization.


Dream for true realization: Massive Action = Massive Change

Journal Questions: Why do I want to accomplish this dream? And why is this dream right for me?
Massive Action = Massive Change!

Life is ever changing and with it so are we.  We have established a set of standards that allows us to become shapeshifters not so much out desire but need.  In order to fit in to "your" world you have to master and accept that change is inevitable.  It is as I have said in the recent past, the one constant in our lives that we can count on is change.


Realizing Your Dream

Journal Question: What is the first step I need to take in order to jump start my dream?

It is no secret that when trying to realize your dream(s) implementing simple concepts and ideas into our lives can be very tedidous, overwhelming, and emcumbersome.  This is not because we lack intelligence or desire. It's just that examining ourselves and putting principles into practice can be daunting to say the least.


Splendor: The Christ Light illuminates the splendor of my being.

Journal Questions:  Do I radiate Splendor? How can I radiate more?

Walking in everyday life, we often miss the details.  The color of the sky, the smell of the air, the gentle touch of a loved one. We have a tendency to take things for granted.  Life keeps us occupied, it keeps us unfocused to our beautiful environment, it also keeps us unfocused from within.


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