Affirmation - Affirm

Journal Question: How am I using my God-given power to create the life I know I deserve, need, and desire?

Each of us has the ability to create. We use this power consciously or unconsciously, every day. In thought, word and attitude, we are constantly affirming - speaking into being - outcomes. It is up to us to choose whether we affirm Truth and Abundance, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Health - or their lack.

Start each day by being more aware of your daily affirmations to ensure that what you are truly creating is purposeful and astute. Our words, thoughts, and feelings carry and abundance of weight. We have more power than we sometimes give ourselves credit for. Choose to affirm Spirit's goodness and abundance in every area of your life. Stand straight and breathe deeply knowing that today and everyday you are manifesting through your affirmations and receiving everything you could possible need to live the life you deserve and need.

Affirmation: I affirm the development of my talents and abilities; I affirm increased opportunity; I affirm health, I affirm harmony and order in all matters. I affirm the presence of Spirit made manifest.

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