Animation: I am animated by the gifts of Spirit within

Journal Question: What must I see beyond my physical apprearance in order to animate my spiritual flourishing?

Whenever our bodies feel sluggish, uncomfortable or in pain that is a sign that it is time to rest in silence and allow the Divine to stir up your gifts of Spirit within.


I often say, "you are everything you need to create spiritual and holistic wellness in your lives,"  but you must believe this with everything that you are - you cannot allow doubt to plant its seed. Instead, expand your vision to see beyond the physical appearances and experiences. Truth is quickened in you when you surrender to your true spiritual nature (you are a spiritual being experiencing a human life). This helps you to view the physical clutter and the conditions of your life from and elevated perspective. Doing this is crucial, you are lifted out of the doldrums and infused with new energy and vitality, free of burdens and negative beliefs which may be actually causing the problems of discomfort, pain, etc.

Affirmation:  Animated with renewed hope and positive expectation, I experience greater appreciation for life and for the gifts of Spirit within. As I go through my day, I choose elivening thoughts and express myself in energized, purposeful and spirited ways.

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