Approaching the New Year

As we approach the New Year we begin to review our recent past and consciously focus on all the things we intended to accomplish but never quite manifested. Our intentions are solid and our drive propels us forward with new insight and determination.

But what most often happens only a few weeks or month after the New Year? We begin to lose sight, drive, and focus on that which we hope to aspire for the year ahead. Life has a funny way of interfering - does it not?  

Personally I have had years when I can barely remember my resolutions only 2 weeks after the New Year celebration. I begin strong and end weak. I lose my focus telling myself that other things take more priority and that as soon I am finished with this or that I will get back to the intentions at hand. Problem is that those other priorities usually have little or nothing to do with me personally. How many of you experience this same situation? I'm willing to bet many of you are so busy taking care of everyone else’s business that by the time you come around to taking care of your business you are completely exhausted and depleted. What happens to me is rather than pick up the pace where I left off I reward myself (falsely) by resting or starting something that is less important than focusing on self. Can anyone sympathize?

This past year has taught me well, I have walked miles and miles with myself and have grown and expanded in more ways than imaginable. I have survived the greatest Dark Night of the Soul I have ever experienced. I have survived separation and endings in relationships; I have gotten to know myself more than any other time I have spent with self. I have crossed passages in forgiveness and gratitude. I AM well schooled for my lessons in the past year.

This year however, I am taking a new approach and I encourage you to do the same. Rather than focus on all the resolutions, goals and aspirations at once, let's use our divine wisdom and knowledge that has been graciously downloaded to us in the past year and break them down. Let us not allow ourselves to become overwhelmed and lose sight, instead, at the end of each day, let us reflect on what we have done well and the steps we have taken towards our goals - no matter how small they may appear. It is important to acknowledge the smaller deeds, for it is those smaller deeds that lead us towards bigger roads. In doing this we are fully appreciating the moments when we have felt divinely guided, it is recognizing the presence of God in your actions and in others. It is a willingness to step aside and help yourself first and allowing others to harness their own wisdom and knowledge. We are generous souls and it is because of this generosity that we tend to lose focus on what needs to be done "here" first. This year, your "HERE" must take priority, your "here" must consciously be aware of instilling love, living from the heart, and healing self. Only in this way will you resolve your resolutions.

By consciously acknowledging your daily progress and the good that has manifested, you will be able to focus on the positive and not allow other "stuff" to get in the way. This will help inspire you to remember and renew your intentions every day. We create our lives and fulfill our divine potential through our intention and attention acknowledging the good that is reflected in us and the world.

I wish each and every one of you a most enlightened and successful New Year. May your light radiate in your hearts and your love reach the corners of Mother Earth. May your resolutions, goals, and aspirations come to fruition, and may you have abundance in every area of your life.

From my heart to yours and in completely Oneness -  I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Tricia Saborio-Koike

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