Attuning to Divine Order

Many of have been experiencing moments of descension; a lot of residual emotions: regret, disappointments, guilt, shame, anger, and fear are being stirred up. Spirit asks us to be patient, to remain in our hearts and to keep pushing forward because everything we are experiencing is all in divine order. You must allow yourselves to feel through the energies despite how turbulent and chaotic they feel. Part of this experience is feeling the torment because it is essential towards our ultimate goal - though you may not even know what the goal is yet. Trust that all experiences are meant to teach and that within each experience there are new discoveries and reminders that we have yet made complete peace with.

Remember you are the archeologist of your soul and your purpose. As you unearth you are attuning into divine order affirm that you're not just uttering those to words but that you are literally in line with it. You are attuning yourself to the principle of Spirit/God expressing as wisdom, intelligence and harmony in and through you. Divine order brings all aspects of your life into the right relationship with self and others. Affirming divine order, we must surrender the need to know how our problems/situations will resolve themselves. Instead we will trust in the assurance of Spirit/God's love and supply, which unfolds and fulfills all of our needs. As we let go of control, the doors of clarity and momentous opportunities open up and our resources directly flow towards us.

No matter what the circumstances, remember that you are meant to experience everything. But do not allow yourselves to believe that these are life lines for holding on to energies that are no longer serving your highest and best. Align with "Divine Order" and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly. The great Ascension is upon us, do the leg work, follow through, stay focused and remember reside in your heart not your emotional


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