Change: Moving through change with ease.

Journal Question:  How can I best resolve myself into believing that change is not a struggle?

Change seen as a new beginning is often more welcoming than viewing it as a struggle or burden.  Many feel that change is an ending thereby signaling us to resist it.  Yet every change holds both a beginning and an end.  Our perspective and attitude determine which aspect we focus on.

Choose instead, to manage the endings in your life with appreciation for all that has been, and to view the beginnings with an expectancy of great outcomes.  Making that choice alone, unleashes an energy that is infused with strong positive manifestion and creation; including the affirmative attitude of "I CAN DO THIS!"

Affirmation:  I release the idea that change must involve struggle. I trust in God/Spirit to provide all I need in each moment.  My belief and faith allows me to welcome change with an open heart and mind as I move forward with ease and grace.

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