Channeling by Ganesha 1/7/11

I am that I am! Known as the remover of obstacles  - but that is not my only purpose. I bring forward compansion and reason.  Realistically viewing the potential of mankind and sometimes also the lack of determination, inspiration, and motivation to seek deep within for the answers that are ever present.

I say this in deep affection my fellow light beings to inspire you to push forward in your journey. To diligently discern the clutter of thoughts and emotions that fill your minds and to transport them into you heart. While some of the thoughts may be useful, as long as they reside in the mind those thoughts cannot be transformed into action unless they are filtered first through your heart.

I am here for you, you only need to ask for the help, I can help remove the obstacles that you have already given heart to. Do this. I am holding your hand presently to guide you towards the action and motivation you seek. To help fill you with compansion towards self because in doing so, you have removed the largest obstacle of all - confusion.

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