Choosing Patience

Journal Questions:  What are the triggers that make me impatient? How can I change my perspective to view the triggers as something to learn from rather than to react to?


Every day we have the choice to cultivate and strengthen any trait we choose. Today elect to develop the quality of "Patience." Co-creating you life with God, choose to be patient and grow in you understanding that all things happen in their own time. 

There is "a time for every matter under heaven." Affirming wholeness, abundance, peace, and wisdom wait patiently for demonstration to occur in the right place and time.  In the silence of pray and meditation, draw your patience from Spirit - your God within.


Affirmation: In my dealings with others, I exercise my Spirit-directed patience in every conversation and interaction. I approach life with the kindness and compassion that are a natural result of a patient heart and mind.

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