Co-creating a happy world

Journal Questions: As a creative being, I must instill a joyful heart within myself. In which ways can I live in a more blissful way? How can I transcend that bliss to others as well?

Endowed by our Creator with a full range of emotions to experience all of life, we may feel happy or sad, excited or pensive in any given moment. However regardless of the circumstances, we have the divine capacity to live in joy (this is a choice), which is more than just an emotion; it is a way of being in for yourself and in our world.

We can make a difference but it must begin with you.  I often say,"everything begins and ends with you." every action you take has the potential to make a difference in the lives of those around you. When you meet a frown with a smile, a complaint with a compliment, or a tear with an encouranging word you are shifting the energy around you to create cheerfulness. You affect the lives of others, and in doing so you to become affected deeply. Who wouldn't love the honor of affecting the world with cheerfulness?

Affirmation: With every optimistic word and every smile, I choose to live in a cheerful world.  Infused with the divine power to choose my attitude, outlook, and expression.  I am co-creating a happy life and in the process helping others to do the same.   

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