Comfort: Being open to blessings of divine love.

Journal Question:  Am I open to the presence of Spirit and the power of love?

There is no greater time to realize the presence of Spirit and the power of Divine Love, especially when we are in need of comfort. We have walked the corridors of loss, disappointment, and even heartbreak, but as we become more willing to be uplifted by Spirit, we are comforted.  All tendency to "go at is alone" falls away the moment we remember to allow ourselves to become more vunerable to the great source of Spirit's unconditional love for us.  We are the beloveds of God!!

If we falter physically or emotionally, call on the love that is the guiding force in your life and ask for Spirit to strengthened you. Knowing that you are an expresson of divine love, you experience both physically and emotional healing.

Affirmation: I make decisions that need to be made, accomplish tasks tha previously seemed impossible. Spirit's divine love flows through me as I open my heart and my live to the presence and power of divine love.  I never need to "go at it alone." I am comforted in that knowing.

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