Commitment: Being committed to your highest good.

Journal Questions: What commitments best serve my highest good? How can I establish more faith and confidence to live through my authentic self?
From time to time, we establish new personal goals. We begin by making a commitment to ourselves and fulfilling those promises this is one way to live in integrity. 

When we experience a setback, rather then allow our egos selves to fall into victim energy, harness the will to "recommit."  Even if you must do so again and again. Beating yourself up because you feel you failed at this or than only enables you to take steps backwards - making you feel like you have achieved nothing. This is not realistic, especially when you know you already have what it takes to accomplish anything you set your mind too. Remember that Spirit will help you fulfill any sincere promise you make to yourself.

By now, if you have commited to meditating and asking your journal questions you should already "KNOW" that you are everything you need to do ANYTHING.   Through the power of God within, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind and heart to do. Allow yourself to be divinely inspired and through that inspiration you will find the strength and resolve to accomplish all your intentions.

Affirmation: I envision the result and imagine the feeling of a job well done. My faith and confidence grow with each goal I achieve. I AM committed to my highest good. I live through my authentic self easily and freely in acceptance of who I AM.

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