"Daily Dharma"

Living an overall spiritual lifestyle and what that actually entails. Being spiritual means practicing a dharma. Some spiritual practioners are not in the business of providing service to others, and that is absolutely okay. Being a light worker is not for the lighthearted, and requires a regime of dedication:

  • Psychic Breathing
    • Deeply inhale for a count of 6
      • Fill your belly completely
    • Hold breath before exhale for a count of 4
    • Exhale for a count of six
      • Empty the belly completely
    • Hold breath before next inhale for a count of 4
    • Repeat 5 – 6 times (Repetitive psychic breathing brings in a deeper relaxation for communication with spirit)
    • Relax into normal rhythmic breathing
  • Call in The Christ, Buddha, or any other Avatar energy that resonates to your being.
  • Daily Morning Grounding and affirmation(s)
    • It’s important to practice your grounding and affirmations in the morning to set the tone and creative energies of the day.
    • Ask for protection from all external and internal forces that are not in your highest and best
      • Negative energies, influences, people.
    • Engulf yourself in golden/white light of God; visualize this light infusing your body, organs, cells, and blood stream. Ask to be used as a divine channel of love, light, and healing.
    • Encircle yourself in a reflective one way mirror bubble so that anything that is not in your highest and best is reflected away from you.
    • Begin expressions of gratitude and thanks for all that you have, all that you have experienced and will experience.
    • Ask for Clarity so that you may walk your daily journey in conciseness and understanding, so that you see all things clearly as they are.
    • A good practice towards the end of your grounding and affirmations is to say

“I ask that God and the universal energies that work through me and within me to ground me to the center of Mother Earth’s core so that I may walk firmly on this earth plane while I continue to ascend spiritually.”  Say “Thank you” – out loud.

  • Meditation – It is important to connect with the divine, to receive healing, guidance, and direction.
    • If you are not accustomed to meditating, use the candle method.
      • Light Candle        
      • Focus on Flame
      • Breathe deeply until you are completely relaxed (5-6 times)
      • Close your eyes
      • Visualize the flame in your mind’s eye or 3rd eye. 
      • If your mind wanders – acknowledge and then release by breathing deeply for 2 counts
      • Ask Spirit to commune with you – Thank them for being present
      • Ask Spirit to give you direction, guidance, and messages
      • Then just be still and listen. The messages, symbols, feelings, sensations, and knowing will come
        • You will know it is not you because they will spontaneous and random.
          • You are not allowing the mind to come in and direct what you are sensing. You are not in control
          • You will know it is you when you have formulated the thought in your mind and then the image appears. That is you in control.
  • Work “within” continuously and focus on the aspects (elemental bodies/rogues/villains) of self that need the most work: fear, confusion, negativity, suffering, bitchiness, complaining, doubt, and rage/anger. Admittance: being able to recognize the darker aspects of ourselves and admitting that we house them - sometimes a little too comfortably.
    • Work on one at a time; evicting the energies they hold and replacing with (avatar/hero/champion) energy.
      • As you evict these energies remember to always breathe in love and harmony in its replacement.
  • Recognize thought processes and how they work against you. What are the triggers?
  • Acceptance that many of the things happening to us on a daily basis are a direct result of what we attract.  This is very difficult for people to grasp; the immediate response I always get is “there is no way possible I have attracted that [insert the dilemma, crisis, etc.] into my life!” The law of attraction is very specific in how it approaches all life situations, good and bad.
  • Understanding energy, vibration, and frequency this is a huge one. We are the embodiment of energy, every single aspect of who and what we are. The slightest shift in energy will dictate in absolute the outcome of any situation. Within this practice includes the cleansing of ourselves and our dwellings.
  • Continuous work on Chakras; working on the chakras is epic for your overall well being. Yes, this takes daily practice whether working on one chakra or all at the same time.
  • Implementing a healthy life style.  We all have a difficult time with this is one. It is a tough and we have our work cut out for us.
  • Meditation and Journaling – It is important to connect with the divine, to receive healing, guidance, and direction.
  • Work towards becoming and being an open channel of love, light, and healing at all times. This means being directly linked to source 100% of the time. You are a spiritual being living through a physical existence striving to be at your best always.
  • Living through the act of forgiveness. Forgiveness, starts with self; asking for forgiveness and feeling it is humbling. This is huge, we must forgive ourselves for the acts we’ve committed and created; and then we must ask for forgiveness to those we have hurt in those actions.  Humbling indeed.
  • Giving expressions of unconditional love – being love, and acting in love always.  There will be days when the act of unconditional love is not at the forefront. That is okay, what is important that when you are not in the “state of love” you recognize and get right back into your heart and not beat yourself over it -we are experts at that.
  • Get ready for this one… “Practice what you preach!” Aren’t we always so great at giving advice, finding solutions and helping others then not doing the same for ourselves

These are just some of the things required to becoming more spiritual and living a spiritual lifestyle. Everyone’s daily dharma is different, and all of it is correct. What is important is that you practice a daily dharma that is significant and comfortable to you.

Essentially being spiritual can take on many forms, but there are important factors that must be considered; practicing spirituality in any form is serious and has a formal undertone that must not be taken lightly; it requires tenacity and focus. If you want constant - then you must be consistent in your spiritual practices. Never use spiritual practices as a quick fix to your problems, challenges, or obstacles; you will learn quickly that the fix is temporary. For permanent change you must do the legwork; hold yourself accountable, recognize the aspects of “self”, work toward change with consistency, determination, and insight.

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