Dark Night of the Soul

More than any previous year and in all my years of doing spiritual work on myself and others I have witnessed more and more people experiencing a "Dark Night of the Soul, myself included. For my own purposes, I will not share my personal experiences as each Dark Night of the Soul is tremendously personal and each equally epic in the development and journey toward higher consciousness – Ascension!

Many have asked what the “Dark Night of the Soul” truly entails, to put it in the simplest terms; it’s the absence of spirit, desolation, isolation, and deep agonies: a complete disconnect from Spirit by way of disillusion, hopelessness. It is a profoundly painful process in which we become deeply human and physical.  It is in essence, a battle between your higher consciousness and your ego self (Emotional/Mental Bodies).  In many respects it can be considered a purification in which your soul/spirit agrees to enter the Dark Night of the Soul for a critical liberation of what we in the depthness of our Ego’s unconstructively perceives to be true.

It is not easy by any terms, you feel as if you are stuck in a structure of two dimensions: an abyss and an enlightened world meshed into one giant plane. Our emotional and mental bodies turmoil over what is (perceived reality) and does not want to let go. Your higher self and your ego battle it out over who is right and who is wrong and in that process thus surfaces your suffering and agonies. It is very stressful to mind, body, and soul because the ego desperately tries to keep you in hopelessness. Why does the ego react this way? It’s designed to protect us, or so it would have us believe; if we reside in anger, defensiveness, confusion, etc. then we will always have a justification to our actions even when we know what we are doing is “wrong.” Our emotional and mental bodies cannot discern when enough is enough in protection. It would have us doubt completely that we are NOT divinely supported so it fights back so that it can remain a part of us.

In the passage of the “Dark Night of the Soul”, within the agony and suffering, the deepest parts of our true “Self “unfolds. The awareness reveals how we are synchronized with “all that is” and more specifically what our divine relationship is with our Creator/God.  Because there is no separation between you and God, the “Dark Night of the Soul” reveals all those things about yourself that are keeping you from creating that unity of Oneness:  the “Self” that encompasses all Selves. It is the pathway to understanding how we are all individuals (perception) and how we are all intertwined lucidly describing that we are all energy and there is no break in the flow of Divine Consciousness.

Take heart my beloved friends; The Dark Night of the Soul is literally a descension by disengaging with everything and everyone. It is a mourning; we mourn the parts of “self” that are revealing its true ugly nature that we have become so incredibly comfortable with – those parts that we used to believe were the true parts of self. The good news is that “no one” enters into the Dark Night unless they are ready, and trust me - it only comes about when Spirit knows the time is NOW and exactly when you are capable of handling this type of Ascension.

At the end of your journey through Dark Night of the Soul there is sheer bliss in release and in forgiveness  of all that is truly no longer in your highest in best. It releases all those things that are keeping you from your full Godly potential and life purposes. At the end of your Dark Night what began as the battle for your life, unfold into one of the greatest blessings of all time. You emerge whole and in ONE with clarity, understanding and true forgiveness of all - Ascension.

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