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Furthermore, any and all users of Mystical Corner understand in its entirety that the services and products offered are strictly spiritual in nature and do not under any circumstances claim to be medically therapeutic in nature. Additionally, the scope of business with emphasis on Hypnosis and any and all practices associated with Hypnosis is also widely based on a spiritual nature and does not in away serve to provide medical counseling and/or be a medical practice or therapy. Florida Statue law clearly states that any individual not holding a title in the healings arts of medicine cannot legally be permitted to call themselves a Hypnotherapist. Although my training and certification state otherwise - I will not under any circumstances, eradicate Florida Law nor will Mystical Corner or I personally be held liable for any such actions deemed false or misleading.

We warrant no accuracies in the performances of the services nor can Mystical Corner and/or its owners be held liable for any such information delivered to its user.

Services purchased through the website are subject to cancellation based on lack of payment and/or commitment of the user. The user purchasing a service through the website has the right to cancel the service with prior written notification within a 24 hour period. There will be no refunds once service has been provided. All prices are subject to change without notice.

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