Divine Guidance ~ Inspired message by Guides

On a daily basis our minds fill with thoughts that sometimes make it difficult to discren what is the right course of action or direction for the day. It is very easy to allow the mind to lead us particularly towards situations that may not be in for our highest and best.

When you find yourself in this situation, step aside for a moment of silence and rest your awareness on the wisdom of your soul. In that silence the chatter of thoughts begins to fade, your heart becomes your focal point,  and error thoughts have no control. We must become more aware of our heart center for only clarity lives there. Being in your heart means that you have willingly surrendered your ego presence and are allowing divine consciousness - revalation.

In this energy, whether the path ahead appears to be easy or challenging, you can trust without fear, doubt, or insecurity that everything you need  will be provided. Walk a spiritual path of unfolding good, and in faith  - for you are guided every step of the way.

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