Divine Will and Divine Freedom

Journal Question: How can my divine intuition lead me to more divine freedom?

By harnessing your power of divine will you are enabling yourself the freedom make the right choices in your life. You may be asking, “do I have the power of divine will?" You enact your free will every day on this physical plane, so trust that your divine will is equally if not more prevalent in your etheric plane. We have come to understand that we are Spirit experiencing a human life form. That being the case, it would stand to reason that of course we have the ability to exert divine will.

Within this will we have divine understanding and wisdom to know that we are guided by the Christ within to choose your path. Whether moving forward or staying right where you are, you can pursue the dreams of your heart by simply acknowledging that you are free to live the life you choose. No one is keeping score, you are the only person you have to answer to when making life choices. Even more important than that is you must be comfortable with those life choices and no one has the right to dictate the directions you select; no one other than you has to like them too. That is my beloveds Divine Freedom.

Maintain a positive attitude and a cheerful heart as you create harmony in your life and in the world. Divine love erases doubt and fear and frees you to create a life of meaning. Use wisdom and strength to discern thoughts and feelings that no longer serve your highest good. Exercise those wonderful spiritual muscles by empowering your divine will to create divine freedom in all forms.

Affirmation: I AM a spiritual being exercising my divine will and freedom. In this I have complete knowing and understanding that my life is my creation. In this creation I have chosen to live in harmony from within. Nothing and no one can rattle my foundation because it has been built it upon the sturdiest platform of all - Divine Will and Freedom!

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