Dream for true realization: Massive Action = Massive Change

Journal Questions: Why do I want to accomplish this dream? And why is this dream right for me?
Massive Action = Massive Change!

Life is ever changing and with it so are we.  We have established a set of standards that allows us to become shapeshifters not so much out desire but need.  In order to fit in to "your" world you have to master and accept that change is inevitable.  It is as I have said in the recent past, the one constant in our lives that we can count on is change.

Because change is so real, often our dreams change also. Or maybe the dream itself does not change; only the way we view it: manipulation of ideas enables us to make the dream more real.  So change brings on action and action brings on change.  "Massive Action" brings "Massive Change" and the same is true in the reverse order.  Each goal requires and action to be taken, but you can only take action if you are serious about your dream and making it concrete - owning it.  So ask yourself, is this dream really mine and would it make me happy to accomplish it? Or am I creating and realizing this dream because it will make others happy?  If you answer that other people would be happiest, that may well be a small red flag that your dream may not be your dream afterall.  Having a dream and making it real requires true ownership.  You must be the person most pleased by accomplishing it - it must fulfill you in every aspect of your life.  Not until then will the rest will fall in place: others being excited about it, etc.

Which is why asking yourself through meditation the journal questions is so important.  You need to be able to truthfully answer these questions, specifically "why." And if your answers procduce something completely unexpected then you know that you need to stop wasting your time on something that might just be a pipe dream and take a Massive Change to create the Massive Action.  You are all brave and courageous souls, there is nothing you cannot accomplish but you must be willing to do the legwork. Know that your life is already perfect and that you are creations actions and changes to shapeshift into fitting in better for yourself. Remember the golden rule, "Everything begins and ends with you!"

Affirmation:  I am surrounded by great changes and it those changes propell me into creating divine action in my life.  I do what needs to be done at every moment of opportunity. I am divinely supported and guided to realize my divine purpose and dream.

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