Emerging as an expression of God

We are continuously emerging by becoming more aware that everything that surrounds us is a part of creation; and expression of God.  As physical beings living and sharing through  spiritual connections (oneness) we are beginning to vibrate and resonate. Our energies are starting to merge creating a high vibration and frequency that will enable the planet to function on a more conscious level.

As we focus more on this path of enlightenment more will be revealed through actions of love, peace, patience, kindness, and above all else forgivenss. A truer "self" emerges because you have seen yourself through the eyes of the great ones, through spirit; a willingness to view your "Self" as "they" see you.

As you picture the rest of your physical life and it becomes clearer, your actions of prayers, meditation, and loving thoughts will shine the light revealing the one simple truth - You are an expression of God.  It is "knowing" God is you and you are God - there is truly no separation.

Embrace that energy by giving and receiving, working and playing, interacting with others, preserving time for "self."

Love this spiritual journey for it is uniquely what you make of it, travel with an open heart, filtered thoughts, loving vibrations because at the end of this unique journey we will have discovered that the destination is the same.

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