Entura Art I and II Workshops

Entura Art Workshops


What Entura Art Is

Entura Art is a spiritual technique of creating art through color and motion by entering the energy field of a person or concept and then transferring the energy onto paper using pastel chalks as the medium. This art is revolutionary in that it allows the artist to relax into a channel/meditative state to communicate with Spirit and obtain in-depth information by entering the client or subject's aura/energy field.

Using Pastel Chalks is the ideal medium as the chalks provide super colorful pigmentation and flows nicely and easily against paper. Entura Art is color and motion combined; and using chalks assist Spirit in revealing images that you otherwise would have to know artistic techniques. Pastels are also wonderful for layering colors, which further aids in channeled creations.

The student does not need to know about art or artistic techniques in order to do Entura Art. In fact, the less you know about art and its techniques the better. Entura does not utilize thinking because the techniques and imagery is 100% channeled information in which you are the recipient. Through the utilization of Entura Art techniques, the mystical artist within awakens, and upon entering deeply within the self, the soul and spirit genius of the person guides the artist´s hand with the focus and direction of his/her inner sight, inner hearing, intuition, and sensitivity.

What to expect from this course experience:

Entura I:  Building the foundation of creating this beautiful and spirit guided art.

Entura II:  Further awaken your Creative Spirit, Spiritual therapy, Inspirational writing, and Healing the Heart with Entura Art

  • Further develop your Intuitive gifts and sensitivity to Spirit
  • Deepen and facilitate your relationship to Spirit
  • Meditation and Writing
  • Art and symbol interpretations
  • Pastel chalk techniques that aid in your Art development


Class size range 6 Person minimum - 12 Maximum

Entura Art I  & II Workshop Price: $350.00 Per person


This course length varies for more information about course length and dates please message me through the contact form.

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