Equality: Co- Existing - Learning from one another

Journal Questions:  How can I meet the opportunities with an open heart when meeting other people? How can I integrate a learning experience from every meeting?

Every situation in life gives us the opportunity to learn something new.  Some of the most exciting opportunities come from the most unlikely people: cultural, spiritual, and physical.  Each and everyone one of us have things that we do well, some things you may do better while the same is true for another.  Viewing things as right or wrong or accepting and/or rejecting other ideas is how we are able to harness the strengths and qualities that we each have, but make no mistake, we are all equally worthy and valuable.

Equality does not mean being the same as everyone else. It means we are unique in our differences, yet one are heart, "we are many, we are one." We need to learn to rely on that around every corner and with every person there is an opportunity to fill a gap. We should look to our spiritual nature to show our oneness and really connect.  Does this mean you must befriend every person that crossess your path? Not at all, what it does signify is that maybe just maybe you can learn something from that persons actions, reactions, attitudes, personality, culture, or beliefs.  We must all Co-exist, so why not make the most of it and meet each day with excitement rather that expect torment, disappointment, and stress.  Let's learn from each other in unity; walk away from another knowing and accepting that you taking with you only what is useful to your life.

Affirmation:  I acknowledge the strengths and special gifts of my fellow human beings, lifting others up rather than tearing anyone down.  I may do some things better than you, you may do some thing better than me, but together we make a formidable team. 

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