Expectancy through Belief

Everyone has a belief is something; for the most part it is this belief that carries us through life.  We Pray, honor, worship, and give offerings to our source of belief.  We do so because somewhere along the line we have recognized that to have faith and belief means that we are receiving guidance, direction, and help.

But what happens when we seek help through our source and there is no immediate relief? Because we have been on the receiving end of answered prayers or relief from a situation in the past, do we also develop expectancy?

Life is not stagnant it moves in the direction of energy we create. Because our lives are so personal, we have become accustomed to “cause and effect”: if we pray, our prayers are answered. When we do not immediately receive we are sometimes shaken to the very core of our belief. Subtly “doubt” moves in and the longer we wait for relief to come, the longer resolution takes.  Why?  To answer that, would require in-depth soul recognition, we would have to revisit every single experience of expectancy to uncover the trend.

In a nutshell, we are spiritual beings living a human experience.  We are pushed and challenged every day of our lives to be the best possible spiritual beings.  In the past (generally speaking), when we have been at our worst and we have pleaded for guidance and direction and have been given resolution quickly, we also developed trust in faith. Our beliefs grow as a direct result of the actions that were taken to help ourselves through the power of spirit - Belief. 

However, as life moves through the ebb and flow of our experiences and because we have become accustomed to being on the receiving, we then begin to just ask for guidance and direction in everything.  “Expectancy” has just been born; we surrender to our devotion and expect that spirit will deliver - no questions asked. We need to do nothing - only get out of the way and receive.  Hmmm….and when nothing happens; we fall into: I have prayed and prayed; I have asked for guidance and direction, I am open and waiting to receive and still nothing.  Ask yourself, what did you really do in a particular situation to “help” yourself?

When we ask for guidance and direction from spirit, we are also expected to do the leg work.  If you push forward and have made no efforts towards your cause, how then do we grow and expand our spiritual understanding; ascension? Everything requires work…YES everything.  When you ask for divine help and solution does not come quickly, it is because you have no yet made humble attempts yourself to resolve the situation. “Work,” strive, and seek, do not expect your belief to carry you through your life.  When spirit does not deliver immediately is because you are being asked to look deeper; scratching the surface is not good enough. We must dare to go in-depth even if it means what we find will scare us beyond belief. It is in those moments when your belief and faith are at the foundation of who you are it is there where the divine reveals itself.

Spirit will always deliver, but you are required to not abandon spirit in the process. Just because you are not on the “immediate receiving end” does not mean you have been ignored. What it really means is that more work is required of you. 

In love and devotion without expectancy,


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