Forgive: Forgiveness is a gift

Journal Questions:  What have I said I have forgiven but not really forgotten?  How can I release the memories so that true forgiveness can flourish?
Forgiveness is one the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. When we let go of judgment, resentment, expectation, or anger, we open our hearts and life to the experience of growth and freedom. 

If you are having trouble letting go of a past hurt whether self induced or by another, decide whether you are willing to fogive - even if you do not know how.  With a willing heart, ask Spirit for help - clarity, guidance and understanding.  You only need to ask with pure intention and it is given.  Through the power of Spirit within - your I AM presence, your heart opens and your vision becomes crystal clear.

Remember:  Saying "I forgive, but not forget." Is really saying, "I will NOT FORGIVE."  Be vigilent of your thoughts and how you dialouge with yourself.  When you make the promise to forgive do so with the intention of releasing all that energry into the universe with love and light from the seat of your soul. Doing this allows the energy to be transformed into higher vibration.

Affirmation:  I feel more love and compassion towards self and others because my heart and mind work together in perfect harmony. My heart is no longer closed to the experience of true forgiveness. As I forgive, I give myself a precious gift. I am free!

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