Free: It is not you but the Christ within who does the work.

Journal Question:  What am I willing to relinquish control of and allow my Christ Consciousness to take the lead in?
Sometimes we get so busy working out our problems that we neglect to connect with the power of the Christ within (Your Christ Consciousness) and allow it to work for you.


Depending too much on your own efforts often plunges us into fatigue and failure. Instead, let's practice quietly and confindently and relax our personal endeavors and lay hold of the Christ power which realisitcally never fails or tires.

Our Christ Consciousness free us from striving, stress, or strain. Tension is released when we let Spirit work in and through us. Our connection to the power of the Christ is strengthened when we relax and open ourselves of completely:  surrendering to that "knowing."

Affirmation: Free and unrestrained, I allow the flow of divine guidance, energy, intellingence and power to work through me. Nothing is up to me alone. I turn within to the Christ Energy for help with everything. As I do, I AM LIBERATED.

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