God enters by a private door to every individual

Journal Question: How can I feel the One Spirit: God/Godself (I AM) within me?

Wherever you are, God is. The path to God is not long or difficult or complex. We have a tendency to look outside of ourselves for the answers as to who or what God is.  Look deeply into the seat of your soul and you will find God.  Look all around you and you will see God. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, pause and bring awareness to the One Spirit that is within you.  God resides in you as you.

As Ralph Waldo Emerald says "God enters by a private door to every individual." Your relationship to God is so incredibly personal that only you can define it - it is different for everyone. Harness that relationship however you perceive it to be and live your life authentically knowing that is simple exist to support, guide, and love you.

Open your mind to the thought of One Creative Energy enlivening you and the world. Open your heart to the One Love that is the essense of all life. This Love, God's Love is within us all. Whether others judge moments in your life as an accomplishment or failure, treasure most the moments you are being God's love in expression.

Affirmation: Spirit is simple and pure and reveals itself in all things.  It is as intimate as a touch and as vast as the infinite multiverse. I AM at peace in the simple knowing that wherever I AM, God is.

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