Harmony is mine in all relationships

Joural Question:  In what ways can I attract more harmony into my life? What is mine to understand within Harmony?

Your dedicated work on forgiveness invites harmony into your life. It is your proclaimation that you God resides in you as you.  Harmony is knowing that your heart has a deeper understanding of all things: life, love, relationships. Love guides us to listen in nonjudgemental ways, allowing for all things to flow without obstacles that are too large to overcome. 

By looking at circumstances more thoughtfully, you will be able to find the points of agreement with the people and situations in your life.  These commonalities help us to interact with others in ways that promote kindness and compassion.  And isn't that what the Christ Consciousness is? To be able to see things from a higher vantage point - without the obstacle of clouds?

Affirmation: As I allow the love of God to permeate my thoughts and actions, harmony is established in my relationship with self and all others.

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