Have Faith Beyond All Doubt

If you we feel unsure about the direction of your life, take a deep breath, remembering that faith is your sure foundation upon which you have taken years to build upon.   It is the basis in which you have structured a great part of your life. How many times have you made decisions just on pure faith?  When the winds of change  are blowing and your future is unclear, remind yourself of how many times you have had to make a decision or taken a risk based on faith alone.  The Christ said "If you have faith and do not doubt...it will be done."

Stand on that knowing and believe without a shadow of a doubt that you have the strength of God within you. For God resides in you as you. There is no separation - there is only the unity of that Oneness. In the face of adversity, move forward with confidence, trusting the faith that emanates from the core of your being to guide, support, and encourage you.

Remember, because you are God and God is you,  you are a messanger of God's love, inspiration, and wisdom, but most of all, you are the emissary for the power of faith.  In faith, all things are possible.

~ Channeled message from Guide Oneness

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