Healing - The healing presence of Spirit fills every cell of my being.

Journal Question: Calling forth Spirit ask what are the parts of me that need the most healing: Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. Then ask for direction and guidance on how to best pursue those healings from a place of acceptance.

Exploration of self isn't always easy, in fact, it will be one of the hardest tasks you'll ever do.  Looking into self reveals all the things we need to heal within and without. This can mean spiritually, physically, and emotionally - our ego self works very hard to try and prevent healing from happening.

Why does the ego function in this manner?  Truly it is a defense mechanism the ego protects to a certain degree and does not permit anything that will resist it.  This is why it is so important to reside in your heart.

Calling forth the healing activity within each cell of your body, observe your state of mind, physical activity, nutrition, and the imbalaces you may be feeling on a spiritual level. Identify any patterns that are not in support of your highest good.  With help from Spirit within, you have the strength to release unhealthy habits and establish new ones in alignment with divine wholeness. Throughout the day, mindfully practice an expectancy of gratitude for wholeness and peace of mind.

Affirmation: My body and mind are empowered to restore, resurrect, and function with new life. I AM strength and vitality. The powerful healing presence of Spirit touches every cell of my being, Spirit touches the depthness of my soul to heal all that is in discord. I AM healed and brimming with zest for life. 

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