I AM aware of the unifying harmony of God's Love

Journal Question:  In which way can I best use harmony when I am faced with discord?

Have you ever listened to a song that just resonates throughout your entire body.  A song that when you hear it - it immediately makes you feel happy, vibrant, and purely connected to yourself and all that is?

That is Harmony: mind, body, soul.  But when we hear a song in which a note might be out of place or an instrument is out of tune, our reaction is immediate. We know something just isn't right and our frequency shifts very quickly, perhaps it even puts you in a bad mood.  It's simply unpleasant.

Harmony is like a symphony, every thing and every person is linked and divinely connected to create a magical sound that is music to your soul.  To feel Harmony you must feel linked to God, that unwavering unconditional love that is bestowed upon us when we are truely attuned to God, and the God self (I AM) - Christ Consciousness. When we attune to God, we feel peace because you are in harmony with Divine Love. You feel this love and experience it in every area of your life.  Being attuned to Harmony allows you to view the world in love - not judgement. Whenever you feel discord in your thoughts or circumstances, it feels unpleasant, so unpleasant that it changes every part of your demeanor. When that happens we are reminded to return to the harmony of love for all things: beginning and ending with YOU.

Affirmation: Resting in awareness of Divine Love, I experience inner joy.  This joy empowers me to face each day with strength, hope, and above all Harmony.

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