I AM centered in the present moment!

Journal Questions:

What are the causes of my distraction and how are they preventing me from being focused on my "self?" How important is it that I center myself?

The present moment can easily elude us. Every time our minds jump tothe future or the past, we miss the joy of the here and now. But when we take the time to be centered in the present moment, you enable moments of gratitude, feeling calm and peace.

Today begin the practice of concentrating on your breathing and connect to  the Infinite withinn yourself.  Your scattered thoughts begin to focus, and you become more present to this "now" moment and all its potential.  Stress and worry disappear when you radiate your divine light within.  This kind of clarity enables us to focus on the priority of now.

Affirmation:  I know all is well. I am ONE with the living God, undistracted by what is happening "out there" and at peace with what is happening "IN HERE."  I am awake and aware, blessed and grateful. What is "in here" is so much more important. I choose to be in my infinite being and commune with my "self."

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