I AM one with the limitless grace of God.

Journal Questions: When I seek deep within the seat of my soul and I look at my relationship with God, what more can I be doing to solidify the relationship with this pure divine source?  Do I voluntarily dedicated time to connect?

James Dilbert Freeman wrote and beautifully describes God's grace in action:

Do you need me? I AM there.

You cannot see Me,

yet I AM the light you see by.

You cannot hear Me,

yet I speak through your voice.

You cannot feel Me,

yet I AM the powers at work in your hands.

~James Dilbert Freeman

God's grace is constant, true, and pure;  providing us with everything we could ever ask for and more. Grace is at work within you and around you.  But is it enough to just receive divine grace? We must take the time to acknowledge God's grace; it is abundant and it flows all around you every single day.  It is so important to see, feel, sense, and know you live and breath because you are God's creation and you are here to do something important whether for yourself or as servitude to others. 

We allow ourselves to get wrapped up in life - but the true beauty in life is when you really start to view it from that place within your heart center. Look around you and feel the grace of God in everything you have and never give your energy away by concentrating on all you do not have. 

Affirmation: God grace is the light that illuminates my path, the wisdom that guides my thoughts and actions, and the power that fills me with strength and peace.

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