I am in tune with infinite and divine intelligence!

Here we are and it's already January 3rd, 2012!!  Wow what a mangificent holiday season, steaming with spirituality, love, and harmony.  Happy New Year Beloved Spiritual Family!!!

Your first Journal Question of 2012: How can utilize my divine and infinite intelligence to achieve the very first goal of this New Year?

No matter what it is we are trying to learn whether we are students trying to comprehend a new life modality, trying to accomplish a new spiritual practice, physically trying to create more motion, mental and/or emotionl healing,  we embrace and remember there is only one Mind - Divine Mind.  In that beautiful mind of yours is all.  Everything you need to astutely construct your life is already there waiting for you to explore it, harness it, and USE IT!

Whatever you may be learning those processes become easier and simpler because you remember that Divine Mind gives you the power to learn and comprehend. We find it easy to learn new things when we keep ourselves intune with the infinite intelligence.

The message itself is simple: Keep it simple, learn step by step, and don't overload yourself with too much at once.  The infinite and Divine Mind delivers just the right amount of knowledge customized to your abilities.  Do not allow yourself to complicate that simplicity.

Affirmation:  I am lifted out of fear and tension as I attune myself with my Divine and Infinite Mind. I AM free from any feeling of inadequecy. God's Spirit of success is within me, and I AM capable of succeeding at whatever I choose to learn. Infinite and Divine Intelligence is  and always has been mine!

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