I forgive and I AM forgiven - I have peace of mind and heart

Journal Question:  I have worked and walked through passages of "forgiveness," yet I know that there is still forgiveness to be given. There is always residual forgiveness to be done for the acts of forgiveness already taken. What within me needs to be released in forgiveness? Whom or what must I forgive? And who is awaiting to receive my forgiveness?

Let's face it, saying "I'm Sorry" isn't always the easiest act to committ to. It takes an enormous amount of courage, diginity, and astuteness to be the first to make amends. But taking that first step is crucial to your spiritual wellness and wholeness and it is truly the first step towards peace of heart and mind.  If you have wronged another or there is a perception of wrongdoing, begin the healing process of forgiveness through prayer and meditation. Ask Spirit, "how can I best approach this situation?"  Admitting the need for action is you resonating through your higher self. It is the best part of who you are humbly.  We must look inward first to see what needs forgiving in self.  Being unable to forgive yourself does not allow others to forgive you. Much in the same way: if you do not have the ability to love your "self," how will others love you?! Forgiveness works in the exact same way.


Spirit works within you and within all situations to establish harmony, patience, wholeness, and is the catalyst to soothe emotions where otherwise they would be turbulent. Trust the seat of your soul, walk the passages of forgiveness, and allow yourself the freedom of release. Holding on to the past keeps you stapled to the past; in order to ascend, expand, and grow within you must be courageous, diginified and astute to move forward in light.

Affirmation: Through the power of Spirit (God within), I give and receive forgiveness. I am at peace with myself and others. I AM whole, I AM free.

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