I love - because I can, because I want, because I AM.

The essence of your life cannot be measured by what others perceptions of you are. Your essence comes from loving yourself and loving all things in life.

You will be challenged in that love and chances are your path will cross someone whose energy is not astute at all. But how you react to that energy can affect or direct your life in ways  that are extremely uncomfortable. Challenging people can be very difficult on your energy and to send love and light to that person isn't always at the forefront of your mind. There within is the challenge - isn't it? Remind yourself, that is not your place to judge someone that does not coincide with your ideals. Always find the place in your heart that changes the perception of the thing that is most challenging you.  Make a valid effort to send love and light to the person or situation, your action of love has the ability to transform even the worst of circumstances

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