Inner Peace: Divine connection brings innper peace.

Journal Questions:  How can I achieve more inner peace throughout my day? What are the areas of my life that "need" the most calming?

Being peaceful is an inside job - it begins inside of you as choice. We must be acutely aware that life has all kinds of triggers. By paying attention to those triggers, we can easily discern what it is that allows us to become disturded or aggravated and immediately take action to restore your divine alignment with Spirit: inner peace.

The moment your inner peace and calm shifts, close your eyes, breathe in deeply and with a long slow cleansing breath exhale bring in the energy that you are untouchable, unshakeable, and unbreakable. Inhale light and fill your body, exhale light and fill your space; restoring your divine connection throughout your entire body. Feel the calming relief from the stress you were experiencing and re-instill peace. In essence, what you are doing is really filtering through the heart, doing this enables you feel that immediate connection to Spirit - knowing of course, that you are spirit first and physical second.  Taking your control back means that you are resisting lower frequency energies that would otherwise be more than happy to disrupt your day.

Affirmation:  Deep and lasting inner peace comes from connecting with the Divine. Moment by moment I am aware of all lifes little triggers and I move easily and quickly through them to restore my inner peace and calm.  I AM at one with Spirit and Spirit enlivens me and provides me with abiding love, peace, and serenity.

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