Inner Peace – A calm soul

Journal Questions: As I progress and expand myself, I have made peace with so many aspects of my being. But I need to ask - have I found true soul peace?

Heart center with energy flowing through the body

“Oh my Soul, how I desire and need to know you.”  Feel this and allow it to saturate you completely.  Know this and stand in the presence of your I AM as one being.  Trust this and peace and you will have a calm soul. Sense this and you will know completely the serenity that has always been a part of your authentic self. Listen to the calming energy that is your soul and spread this celestial force throughout your entire physical body. Feel it permeating and pulsating as it restores the peace that has always been. It is a gentle flow that engulfs us if we give it acquiescence.

Even if you experiencing the challenges of life, the peace of Spirit is steady, carrying you gently along. Nothing can disturb or disrupt the calm peace of your soul.   Feel that peace now, feel it as it penetrates every situation and circumstance.  You have the capacity to live entirely through your heart which is the core center of your being. Here is where your Spirit lives, here is where your peace is found. The deepest part of you is your heart – live there.

Affirmation:  I experience peace within all part of myself, from the physical to the etheric. I AM the embodiment of a calm my soul because it is drawn from the  strength of God’s peace. Its energy blesses me with vitality; graces me with divine ideas, and leads me onto the right path.  I see peace and calm in all things - I see my Soul!


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