Intention: Discern what is yours to do, and live with purpose.

Journal Question: Do I know what my purpose(s) is? How can I best utilize my time to construct a solid pathway towards my purpose?

Meditation and prayer gives us the ability to live with intention. In quiet receptivity, we enter into communion with the presence of God. This time apart allows us to discern and consciously choose our priorities. We are guided on how to best use our time, consciousness, awareness, and energy. We are led to express our talents in constructive and fulfilling ways.

Take the time to plant some mindful seeds, nurture them carefully so that they can sprout and begin to grow healthy and with purpose. Visualize your goals and priorities as being planted in the rich fertile soil of your mind and heart. Nourish them with attention, thought, action, and carry them to fruition. And remember to create anything: Massive Action = Massive Change. Live your lives with intention, find your passion and you will find your purpose. Work on telling your heart that anything with purpose is achievable. Imagine living and creating your purpose as if you are already doing it. Manifest with great awareness and do not let ego tell you "you cannot do this." Instead speak to your heart, make your heart vigilant to your intentions, and allow Spirit to help you discern what is yours to do. Take the time every day to meditate or pray even if it is only 15 minutes.

Affirmation: I am mindful to align my responsibilities and activities with time alone with God. In this way, I stay in touch with my purpose, intention, and Spirit.

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