Irresistible: I exude love of life.

Journal questions: How is your love for life compelling you? How do you choose to share that love with others?

We have all been around people whose happiness and zest for life is infectious and irresistible. Today is a new day for opportunity; to consciously be irresistible. Radiate your love for all life and effortlessly touch many souls. Your expressions of love fill you with gratitude and a depthness of serenity. It allows you to feel, "Wow, everything is right in my world. I am happy, I am love, I AM."

Exuding love of life enables us to see the clear blue sky of the day and brilliance of the sparkling stars at night - the ying/yang of life. Beauty shines in every direction; it touches every surface and every depth. We see it in the radiance of a smiling face, in the liveliness of the city, the stillness of a walk in nature. It surrounds us in the magical blanket of spirit and comforts in awe and wonder. It fills us so completely because we have surrendered to love and have chosen to actively participate in sharing love. Exude love for life - then sit back and marvel and expect something wonderful to happen today and every day.

Affirmation:  My love for life is contagious. Love energizes me and radiates from me.  I remember with gratitude all that is precious within me and around me. I love life, and I exude love, happiness, laughter and appreciation for all that is.

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