Let Go Let God

Release is an act of confidence, not failure. In times of stress, rather than react first, take a moment to find the rhythm of your gentle breath. If there is tension, relax the tighten muscles first then relax your body and allow you mind to enjoy a moment of peace.

Breathe in and out paying attention to the simple act of breathing - with quiet awareness. On your exhalations, release one by one each concern for your life, then release with love and humitly all the concerns that do not belong to you; those of yourloved ones, friends, co-workers etc.

On your inhalations, bring in acceptance and assurance for all the right outcomes. Let go of the need to control and to know how everything will unfold. New ideas and insights are revealed in divine time and order.

Trust God - Let go, Let God - the Infinite Source of healing and resolution.

You WILL know what is yours to do, and when it is time to do it.

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