Living a Lifetime

How many times have you wondered what your life is all about? If you believe that a single lifetime is not long enough let us contemplate “Life”.

The journey begins from the moment that miraculous seed of light is implanted in the womb. Though many believe the soul does not enter the body until the 9th month gestation period is complete, there is speculation that the soul enters and retrieves at will during the entire gestation period. This is said to happen as to experience certain changes the mothers is going through forming the bond; soul to soul recognition.

As life emerges from the watery depths, immediately the three dimensional world lends itself to living. We emerge into the vastness of this incredible energetic realm and with us we bring prior experiences to aid us in the ones we are going to begin to discover.

Immediately life begins with the stirring of feelings, emotions, thoughts, and sensations and from that moment on your life begins to unfold into the endless possibilities of what is to become you. Life is not only about the sensations; each of us will experience endless situations that are exact, however occurring at different stages of life.

Encountering life lessons

From the onset of life there is action; actions lead to outcomes, outcomes lead to lessons. What occurs after each experience is left up to the person’s perception, the outcomes rely heavily on your outlook/perspective and how you internalize it or diminish it. Living a life means you have choices, some choices will be excruciating, while others blissful. In your lifetime, you will have experience lessons that are neither bad nor good, for each is for the expansion of your soul. 

As you journey through your lifetime you will begin to acknowledge lessons as tests; what you perceive as tests are really only are lessons. Some lessons will feel as if you are wearing a target on your back, while others are as common as waking up in the morning. In every aspect of life and as you grow in experience you will begin to understand that the only target you wear is the one you have placed there yourself. Ultimately, as time goes by you will learn that going with the ebb and flow of life is much easier than fighting a vicious current. Life is endless and boundless and everything is an experience.  

In a lifetime, you will experiences things that will excite you while others will terrify you beyond belief. You will be pushed to the limits, and pulled in directions you never imagined possible. You will taste the delectable wonders of the world, and will marvel or shudder at the aromas that stir your senses.

You will meet some amazing people and some not so amazing. (Perception is everything), some people will help you experience happiness while others test and probe simply bringing out the worst or the best in you. You will endure judgement and criticism and come out better for it...some truths are difficult to hear and even more difficult to acknowledge you own them.

Some experiences will be difficult; bringing with them suffering, pain, anguish, fear, and doubt. You will desire from the depths of your being that these experiences not come your way and in those moments it will be hard to see that they promise for something much better in the future: insight, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. Mostly you will learn not to make the same mistakes twice.

Remind yourself daily that each experience is a challenge and an opportunity to continue; to push forward with extreme perseverance and determination. As your experiences broaden, so will you. There will be familiarity and because of this you will have the power to change the outcome. Changes will feel less threatening; you will learn to accept that you cannot control every aspect of your life. Experiences will teach you acceptation of self and others.

In your life, you will experience music, art, nature, sex, and dance – all of which will stir the seat of your soul.  Some will know what it is like to carry a life, while others will experience what it is to care for a life. Some people will take life for granted yet others will cradle it and live it to its fullest.  Life is impermanent as is all things within that life; you will experience the duality of death: you will feel the pain of loss and absence yet rejoice knowing and understanding that death is only a transition and you will find comfort in realizing that the soul/spirit is happy for its return home.

ife will teach you to shift and move (particularly out of your own way), you will go through alterations in how you experience life either through action or spontaneously as a result in belief whether God, Goddess, Gaia/Mother Earth, prayer, meditation, or ritual. Everything will come or go from the causes and effects of your own doing.

Life is learning, sharing, healing, and ever expanding. Live life, it is you and you are it. You are who you are today because of everything you have experienced and will experience.  Love, revel, and share in it, be life – it is infinite: no beginning, no end.

Tricia Saborio-Koike

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