Mystical Corner’s Vision into You - Journal Club

I invite you all to join me in starting a Journal Club. Mystical Corner’s Vision into You!

Journaling is so important to the transformation of your life. It enables you to see your life from an external view. Within the pages of your journal you are free to express your profound nature. Explore your Spirit and help yourself to see what it is about YOU that makes YOU.

What you need to do:

Buy a journal that is symbolic of you and your expression. Something that when you look at it – it screams your name!

First page: Write your full name above your name draw a crown. But before you draw your crown, sit and be still taking in 3 deep cleansing breaths and envision this crown as being given to you from your higher self. Then around your name and the crown draw – get creative, inspire yourself to dress up your name.

Second page: Write an opening statement about yourself: “Who are you?” Be direct, affirmative and keep your words in higher energy. You will only write about your qualities.

Third Page: Make a list and keep it positive and write about the changes you want to see happen within you and to you.

Then tune in daily to Mystical Corner; I will post an opening question for you to meditate on. You do not need to be an expert on meditation – do not force yourself into meditation, simply sit, be still, breathe and think about the question, close your eyes and breath light into the question and ASK to see, feel, know, and sense everything it is you need to know and that the answers to reveal themselves to you.

If you see something you do not understand, ASK: Why am I seeing this? Why am I feeling this? Why is this emotion so prevalent? etc…

What to do next:

While you are meditating to the question, be vigilant, pay attention to every detail, colors, visions, sensations, emotions, shapes, etc. When you emerge from your meditation begin writing immediately.

Start by writing down the question, and then just let yourself go. Write for however long is necessary, you will know when to stop. You will be amazed at how much you received in only a short amount of time.

VERY IMPORTANT: Do not censor yourself or keep yourself from writing things down even if you feel they are not positive. Revelation is key to getting to know yourself!

(OPTIONAL - No Obligation) Then on Mystical Corner’s Wall share just one revelation about yourself that actually made you feel that WOW factor. I will be participating along with you and I will be sharing on the wall.

The reason I am asking that you share on the wall just ONE revelation is because when you see that you are not the only person experiencing this or that, your journey becomes less arduous, your lessons become easier to understand. Not to mention it is a wonderful way for you to make new like minded friends: a congregation of support.

So what do you say? Are any of you interested in joining me on this Vision Into You journey ?

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