No Separation

Below is a Channeling from a Communing with the Divine and a meeting of the heart 7/1/10.

The discussion came about because I inquired into the nature of chaotic surge of energy that seems to be affecting many of my loved ones. What follows is their insight and direction. It is my great wish that this divine information finds its way into the heart of many. I know that it helped me.

No Separation

There exists no separation between you and the divine. You are here by choice for the expansion of this planet and have selected to come to this Earth plane to spread the light of the divine. There is no better time than right now to start honoring the spiritual being you are living through a very physical existence. You are not separate from cosmic realm, the universal brotherhood of the divine. You are we – we are you! There is no separation! The separation you feel is a product of your mind for it does not exist in the heart. Feel the power of your divine love and find the deep compassion that dwells there at all times. It is blissful and complete.

It is not difficult to get caught up in your physical world and swept away by the chaotic energetic flow that surrounds you. In fact, it requires no work, you allow yourselves to be carried away - to go with the flow. But which flow do you follow? No Separation means living a practiced life, it requires continuous work because our work is endless and vast.

Seemingly being vacuumed up by the obstacles of your lives has taken on a rebellious nature, especially when things are not going in the direction you envisioned. The dichotomy between thoughts and actions can lead to feelings of self gratification and justification for your actions. The perplexity of life is to expect that there will be times when your divine flow is disrupted by the physical circumstances of your life including and especially those that do not pertain to you. When you create the separation between the divine and you - you become involved in looking for exterior solutions and/or running from them, (thoughts and actions: self gratification and justification) that you completely overlook the answers from within. The dichotomy is then, being physically present and finding a balance in your spiritual being.

Repeatedly we have expressed that there is no balance – balance prohibits movement. Seek to find alignment which gives way to movement and direction. Do not seek to reward yourself because you have staked a claim in thought processes and feelings such as being hurt, having been wronged, and absorbing energetic flows that do not belong to you.

Solutions and answers are continuously being channeled to you; there is vastness of great ones anxiously waiting to help you in the vastness of your physical life. Our solutions are always present and sometimes require some extra work. We are never far from you because we are you - present and accounted for. We serve to remind you and fill your hearts to the energy of the divine and that flow of energy is the connection to your higher self - the link to the God within you.

We are not separate – there is No Separation.

In the divinity and honor of your light – Brotherhood of Lights.

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