Nurture the Emotional Body

Nurture the Emotional Body

Realizing the needs of the Emotional Body is crucial to our spiritual development.  Why is it so essential to our well being? The Emotional body holds onto emotions that are no longer serving a purpose of protection. I briefly mentioned this in my note about the Dark Night of the Soul. 

The Emotional Body gives us justification to our past and hinders us in the processes of forgiveness. We understand the importance of flowing with the shifts and transitions during this year and particularly leading into the next.  We can no longer ignore the parts of “self” that need healing, forgiveness, and release and certainly we understand that such work requires dedication and time.

But there are things we can do in the meantime to start assimilating that wholeness of the “I Am” presence.   Part of your journey into that wholeness is visiting that deep abyss that resides inside all of us the Ego (Emotional/Mental Bodies). Now let me just say this, each of us has heard the expression “the devil is in the details;” I cannot express how literal those words truly are, but rather than use the harshness of the word devil I will gently assume that a loser term would be more appropriate such as “villains, rogues, non astute energies” all of which reside in each of us.  Until you reach a level when you factually harness with the right “time,” only skim the surface of the villains that you can safely deal with energetically.  How? Well, YOU know what you have within you that NEEDS dealing with and trust me we all have MANY.  To believe that you are exempt from villains in your emotional body (ego) is simply not realistic.  But this doesn’t mean you have to go so far down that you can’t scratch the surface. 

So let’s scratch that surface by nurturing the parts of our emotional bodies that will later open the great portal to the dungeons of Ego where true forgiveness and healing resides.

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