Protection: We move through each day knowing we are divinely protected

Journal Questions: Do I rely on God's Protection? If not, how can I instill more belief that the protection of God is always with me?

Every experience offers us an opportunity to remember God's constant love and protection. We often call upon this protection when traveling, when encountering difficult situations, in health issues, etc.  But how often do we engage in the belief that "protection" is always with us?

Protection - it does not abandon. Remind yourself there is nothing to fear, God is with you always. In every situation, you have the chance to gain fuller realization of God's loving presence.

In looking back, you can see how different situations spurred your growth. Even experiences you would not like to repeat have increased your connection with God. Know that protection is yours, unemcumbered by any experience, situation, or crisis.  Trust - Believe - Faith - Know!!

Affirmation: I move forward through this day and every day enfolded in God's powerful protection. My mind and heart are filled with the protection power and presence of God's love.

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