Reaching out -The power of meditation and prayer.

Journal Question: When meditating and praying am I only praying for myself? How can I best express and direct my prayers and meditations to include others; especially those with great challenge and difficulty?

When we meditate and pray, we usually visualize prosperity, healing, wisdom, insight, peace, and well being for ourselves and loved ones. Gifting your well wishes and holding these needs for others is as important for them as it is for yourself. The most beautiful thing about being YOU is that you have the ability to shift anything, and within that power and presence you have the opportunity to envision others making headway as they meet their difficulties. As we think of someone experiencing a challenge, open your heart in compassion while also knowing this person has everything they need spiritually and physically. Know that your divine love and support is reaching the very energy it needs to tackle.

Deepen your awareness through the power of meditation and prayer and trust that God (all that is). When meditation consciously as for assistance for all those in great need. You do not even need to know the person - for the person to receive. Sharing your loving and spiritual support to others is one of the most selfless acts you can commit to and it raises your vibration and frequencies. Who wouldn't want that? When you take some time for yourself today and every day, please acknowledge all those that come to mind, honor them by including them in your heartfelt devotions.

Affirmation: Deep in my love and awareness I willingly share my devotion to well being and positive outcomes for myself and all others. I do this with immense joy and freely express love to those in need. I AM the catalyst to great outcomes.

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