Realizing Your Dream

Journal Question: What is the first step I need to take in order to jump start my dream?

It is no secret that when trying to realize your dream(s) implementing simple concepts and ideas into our lives can be very tedidous, overwhelming, and emcumbersome.  This is not because we lack intelligence or desire. It's just that examining ourselves and putting principles into practice can be daunting to say the least.

One way of getting started is by applying the simpler concepts towards your dream first. This helps you to become more motivated and focused.  But supposing you have already taken the simpler steps towards realizing your dream, what if you are ready to dig deeper and are ready to do more substantial work? How do you apply what you've learned?

A dream is an especially difficult thing to describe. Dreams aren't concrete until they actually come to pass. Before then, they are like clouds: shifting and changing continously until you can zero in on precisely see what you "need" to see. As time goes by - a day, a week, a year - you may not even remember what you once envisioned as being your dream, or maybe it just became unreachable. Let's face it: when it comes to giving voice and life to our dreams, the simple truth is we need some help. We have heard so many times different motivational speakers and maybe even mentors and teachers making claims such as, "If you can dream it you can achieve it." In my humble opinion and to some degree that is a smoke and mirrors approach and for me personally is just not true.  Why? Because I have dreamed of becoming this world famous marine biologist, but I guarantee it is never going to happen and not because it's not achievable. It is however, because of my personal life and other priorities: jet setting to the worlds oceans would keep me too far away from most things, especially those I love. Do I on some level still wish I could be a marine biologist? YES!!  Will I achieve it in this lifetime? NO.  And that is ok, because what I have learned is that no matter what, there is always another dream that is equally as exciting as the one before. And what's more, I have discover that I can find passion in almost anything that I truly love - beginning with Self.

We all have to start somewhere, the greatest and most earth shaking dreams began as a mere concept in the mind of some individual. You have that the ability to do the same because what makes a dream worthy is that it has to be yours. The achievability of a dream does not depend primarily on its size or scope, nor does it rely on the individuals dreamer's talent as much as it does on the person's ownership of it.  A dream achieved is a dreamer who owned it - heart and soul.  So be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your dream and OWN IT!!

Affirmation: I am willing to initiate my dream and make it real. I have the ability to create that which I most need and desire to make my dream a true realization. I am a fulfilled dreamer that is not just dreaming but achieving.

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