Seeing is Believing

Journal Question:  How may I see beyond the physical features and behaviors of a person that I do not perceive as being real?

Think of someone you have a particular issue with. This person has the ability to stir within you reactions that most often disturb, annoy, or makes you feel uncomfortable.  Dissect your thoughts and feelings and see what answers surface.  Does that person bother you because of the way they look, or is it the way they act, is the personality disturbing? What is it exactly that makes you feel so uncomfortable?  While meditating and processing this, do not allow your ego to interfere with what you believe to be real. Come from a place within your heart - be honest and do not censor.

Your heart is where the greatest truth lives, it does not lie, or perceive with difficulty. It reveals and tells whole stories.  So just allow yourself to be brutally honest with yourself and let those thoughts and feeling rise to the surface - only in this place will you be able to see with clarity.  Once you are satisfied with the answers that revealed themselves, ask Spirit to guide you towards higher light then ask your sight to be removed of all clouds so that you can clearly see this person through the eyes of God. Trust in the process and just allow it to happen - what is revealed will astonish you, you will be able to discern away what you thought "was" and will be able to see what really "is."

Viewing all life through the eyes of Spirit enables us to o grow in grace, in knowledge, in the understanding of Spiritual Laws. Spirit guides us to apply gentleness, kindness, patience, to anyone and everyone we meet day by day.

Affirmation: I live by Spirit and allow myself to see the real essence of every person that crosses my path.  I see with clarity the God within each. In them I see my own reflection, I see - I Am!

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