Some of the new energies of 2012

In a recent conversation with a friend, the issue of the 2012 energies came up. The conversation dealt with how to interpret different discomforts (releases of energies) and what those relating issues meant. During my meditations regarding the energies of this year and in lieu of this specific topic I will share some of the information that has come through for me:

The best way I can explain is to simply say that since the inception of 2012, Spirit has asked and continues to ask for all of us to do release work and live and breathe through the heart. In this there are no exceptions. That release work, includes deep meditations, making concerted efforts to connect with Spirit and your higher self through your physical presence, healing the parts of self and acknowledging truth in the areas that need most work. Forgiveness for self and others, this means forgiving completely; no "I can forgive but not forget," to feel that statement deeply is the equivalent of not forgiving and many of us do this unconsciously, and of course (the big one) Love. Love and forgiveness are vital keys to merging with the energies of 2012.

Sounds simple doesn't it? But for most it is not at all - in fact, loving and forgiving are the most difficult acts a person can commit to in the whole of the lives. It will challenge and push you in way you couldn't even have imagined. Your ego self will stir up unhealthy thoughts and feelings about yourself and will drive you to believe that forgiving and loving freely is just to overbearing and burdensome. It will justify all the reasons why you shouldn't commit to those divine acts and give you as many reasons as it takes as to why you should stay in those energies.

The discomforts, dis-eases, and chaotic energies we are experiencing right now are the releases of energies that you have been willing to surrender. If you have been working a lot on yourself those energies have to go somewhere and usually manifests itself in the areas that need(ed) work.
Energies trapped inside the body will manifest in the areas that need or needed the most work. Pay specific attention to the chakras that correspond with the injury/pain/discomfort/dis-ease. That is a great indicator of the things that need healing and work. Not until those issues have been dealt with will the energies be released out of the physical and etheric body.

Example: Knees are related to the Root Chakra and represent motion/movement. This chakra's energy is all about how you feel about yourself: inadequacy, isolation, feeling small, thinking you are not good enough, etc. Those thoughts and feelings keep you from progressing and moving forward. In an unhealthy ego, this chakra will always keep you right where you are. It will not permit you to feel acceptance of self and is highly judgmental.

The important thing to remember about the 2012 Energies is that it is all about merging heaven and earth, to be more unified with God and the universe, to be connected continuously to source and to become the embodiment of your higher consciousness - your I AM presence. Your I AM presence is your authentic self - your spirit and the movement of the 2012 energies no longer requires you to separate your physical self for your etheric self. The 2012 Energies urges you to into Oneness with self and all others. It reminds us that we are Source - infinite and divine.

Work diligently and deeply in "self", release everything that is no longer serving your highest and best. Remember to not just release those energies into oblivion, but to release them into higher light and vibration so that they can transition and make their way back to you in the form of pure love.
As new information comes through in my meditations I will continue to share them with you.
In light and oneness!

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