Spiritual Counseling

Changing your life begins with the simple act of making the choice to harness a spiritual life by empowering yourself with confidence, positive attributes, and pure enlightenment of who you are. Spiritual integration allows you to get to the very foundation of your issues and begins to heal them from the root cause.

  • Uncover the role that your "Elemental Body" (ego, thoughts, and emotions) plays in your life and how it affects you.
  • You will begin to replace the self imposed limitations by unfolding self-realizations and understanding those things that are prohibiting you from making the right decisions in your life.
  • Self awareness begins by understanding yourself on a subconscious level and through spiritual enlightenment it can be accomplished. This means taking the time to not only define and integrate our qualities and beliefs but by filtering in well balanced affirmative thought processes and finding the alignment between the physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • Learn to better shield yourself from day-to-day obstructions - those things that challenge you most and leave you feeling depleted of energy and completely unbalanced. You will able to take charge of your actions and reactions and truly make a difference between having a good day or allowing other aspects to dictate how your day will play out.
  • You will learn to refine or define your purpose and your place in this vast universe. You will begin to feel that connection to source, embark on your journey to enlightenment and assimilate that you do in fact belong to something greater; Spirit on Mother Earth.
  • The ultimate goal is spiritual wellness; the ability to move through your life in a harmonious and peaceful way while enhancing your quest for living an abundant life.

Price: $80.00 per Hour  (2 hour limit per session)add to basket

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